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Powerheart G3 Plus Defibrillator

Powerheart G3 Plus Defibrillator Powerheart G3 Plus Defibrillator

Ref: SJ-H00037

Powerheart G3 Plus Defibrillator
Product Code: SJ-H00037

A reliable and easy to use technologically advanced life saving device.

Suitable for the workplace, sporting venues, schools, hotels, retail and places of worship
Suitable for use by the layperson and the emergency first aider
Rescue Coach™ voice guides the rescuer confidently and easily through the rescue process
Detailed instructions for CPR include a metronome to assist with frequency of compressions
Rescue Ready® defibrillation technology includes extensive daily, weekly and monthly tests
Helpful text screen runs in tandem with the voice prompts
Especially useful for audio challenged rescuers and in noisy environments
Patented pre-connected non-polarized defibrillation pads (two year shelf life) simplify the pad placement process
Provides Cardiac Science™ STAR® biphasic defibrillation energy waveform
RHYTHMx™ technology - makes hard decisions fast
The fully automatic version means shocks are delivered automatically (when appropriate) with no button to push or human intevention
Seven year warranty on the AED – one of the longest warranties in the industry
Four year full battery operational replacement guarantee
Cardiac Science™ code: 9390A-502.
Contents: Defibrillator, one battery, two pairs of interchangeable defibrillation pads.

Do you need more information about defibrillators?

View our St John Ambulance defibrillator guide that shows you the importance of defibrillators in the workplace, and how they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

Product Category: First Aid

Sub-Category: Defibrillators

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