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High Visibility EN471 Outline

EN471:1994 High Visibility Warning Clothing

European Standard introduced in 1994 which sets out exacting specifications for the performance of high visibility garments and accessories (both new and in use). Items are categorised according to the level of conspicuity they provide and are classified into three classes.

The Standard sets out specific design criteria for each class of garment, with minimum areas of background and retroreflective materials specified in each case.

The Classes

There are 3 classes of garment type based on the levels on conspicuity they provide.

Minimum background material 0.8m2
Minimum Retro-reflective material 0.2m2
i.e. Jackets with sleeves to be worn in accordance with Clause 4.2.4 and to Class 3 on dual carriageway roads with a speed limit of 50mph or above

Minimum background material 0.5m2
Minimum Retro-reflective material 0.13m2

Minimum background material 0.14m2
Minimum Retro-reflective material 0.10m2
i.e. Minimal risk such as off road activities. Hi-vis trousers will commonly meet this standard when worn separately from upper garments.


The CE mark acts as a passport, enabling products to be sent without documentation from one member state within the EU to another.

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