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Garment Care

We hope these few simple tips will be of use to you.

General Rules

Treat a stain as soon as possible. Before cleaning, brush and shake the article to remove any loose dirt. Rinse non-greasy stains away with water. Sprinkle talc on grease stains to absorb them. Don't apply heat to an article before treating a stain as this will set many stains. Many stains can be removed by soaking in cold water and then washing. However, never soak woollens, silks, non-fast or weak colours, flame resistant or rubberised fabrics or those with metal buttons or fasteners. Always test the removal on a hidden part such as a hem to check that it does not harm the fabric. Old dried stains can sometimes be removed by softening with glycerine (use 1 part to 2 parts water). Leave it out for ten minutes, then soak and wash. If you are not sure of the type of fabric involved take it to a dry cleaner.

Sticky Marks

Using a well-wrung cloth rub with solution of vinegar and warm water.


Treat with amyl acetate, except for acetates (use white spirit). Hold absorbent pad on stained side and dab from wrong side.

Carbon Paper (or indelible pencil)

Treat with undiluted liquid detergent and rinse well. If it persists, dab with methylated spirit, then treat with liquid detergent containing a little household ammonia. Rinse.

Chewing Gum

Harden the gum by placing the garment in a refrigerator. The gum can then be cracked and picked off. Treat what is left with methylated spirit or white spirit.

Scorch Marks

Rub light marks immediately under cold running water, then soak in warm borax solution. Rinse well and launder if possible. On white, careful bleaching with hydrogen peroxide (1 part 20 vol peroxide to 4 parts of water is a last remedy. If fibres are demaged, there is no remedy.

Shoe Polish

Scrape off deposit. Dab with white spirit or a stain remover. Use methylated spirit on remaining colour after testing on an unseen part. Sponge or launder.

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